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title: the artist

Benzi is a self-taught artist. In his early years he experimented with pastels and sculpture but has settled on oil as his chosen medium. He works with oil on canvas, canvas on board and board.

His work is notable for the use of texture and layers – many of his paintings have a 3-dimensional feel to them – and vibrant colours. He is clearly inspired by his Mediterranean roots and the many years spent in Italy.

Benzi’s landscapes are based in reality but with fictional overtones. His earlier work is often abstract but again with strong use of colour. Reds, orange, bright greens and yellows are strongly featured in his paintings.  


Seeing is believing!


Clare Kendal Bate met with artist Ben Shalom at his studio in Harpenden to talk to him about his vibrant art and interesting life.  Click here to read the article



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